Schools and Daycare

Create a healthier indoor environment


Steam cleaning will help you to maintain a clean and sanitary environment that helps to stop the spread of contagious diseases so common in school and daycare settings.
Every day tasks are easier and faster with dry steam cleaning.


  • Restrooms
    • Clean and sanitise  fixtures, porcelain, sinks, counters and floors in one easy step.
    • Tile and grout lines are easily cleaned and odours removed.
    • Kills bacteria, mildew and viruses on contact.
    • Reduce the use of chemicals with an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.
  • Sports Equipment and Exercise Areas
    • Clean and sanitise equipment quickly and easily.
    • Reaches cracks and crevices in exercise equipment other methods cannot reach.
    • Remove bacteria and odours.
    • Clean tile, grout and wood in pool and spa areas.
  • Child Care
    • Clean and sanitise toys, table tops, chairs and desks.
    • Easily remove glues, food and drink spills and stains.
    • Clean, sanitise and deodorise carpets, mats, rugs and changing stations.
    • Removes common dust and dirt, fingerprints and stains from walls, woodwork, cabinets and floors without using potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • General Maintenance
    • Clean and freshen upholstery, blinds and curtains.
    • Easily cleans and sanitises food services and preparation areas.
    • Provides a healthier indoor environment by removing bacteria, moulds, mildew and chemical contaminants. Leaves areas sparkling clean and fresh smelling.
    • Glass, mirrors and windows are left spotless clean with no streaks, smears or chemical residue to attract dust and dirt.


Save time, money and effort while easily maintaining the standards of cleanliness you demand. Chemical-free dry steam cleaning systems help with all your routine (and not so routine) cleaning quickly and easily. There are many more potential uses for steam cleaning…. Just use your imagination.