The industrial sector, in particular the food industry, is one of the most suitable environment to use effectively the steam technology.

Thanks to dry saturated steam, the cleaning and grease removal becomes rapid and economic. Especially in the food industry, the cleaning process becomes much easier with steam, compared to traditional sanitizing methods. Indeed, with Doman steam cleaners, you can obtain an excellent level of machinery and conveyor belt sanitization, without using chemicals and detergent, which are becoming more and more limited by current health legislation.


  • Industry:
    • Cleaning of ventilation grilles
    • Cleaning of floors
    • Sanitizing of work bench
    • Cleaning of mechanical parts and electrical board
    • Degreasing of any type of fixed structures
  • Food industry:
    • Cleaning and sanitizing conveyor belts.
    • Removing greasy residues from machine tools and control panels
    • Eliminating any food and sugar residues and oils.
    • Sanitizing grilles and filters
    • Disinfection of refrigerator systems.