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All our steam cleaners are designed and built not only to guarantee a high level of cleanness but also to last long. All our machines have a stainless steel body and boiler and are made with high-quality components, selected among many others, to increase the reliability of the product.

The 5 or 10lt tanks allows an extended use of the machine without stopping. Moreover, for almost all the models, it is possible to have a water continuous refilling system, which keeps a constant level and allows to clean without taking breaks. All our Doman cleaners can also be used with detergent to speed up the steam action. On request, machines can also be provided with a 1200 Watt vacuum kit which helps to sanitize completely the application environment.

Every steam cleaner has a complete set of professional accessories. They have been personalized for our machines and work in a very reliable way both at high pressure and great temperature: indeed, they can be used effectively with our industrial range!

Our industrial range of steam cleaners is designed and built to have the greatest performance while cleaning. They are used all over the world for many different purposes: to remove residues of food on conveyor belts, to clean hotel facilities, to degrease mechanical oils.

The list of steam applications is long and grows day by day. Nowadays there are many sectors that can no longer use detergents or chemicals while cleaning. So, it is necessary to use steam to sanitize and sterilize most surfaces/objects. We have also to consider that there is always a greater need to reduce the costs and the use of water, which is less and less available on the planet.

The steam cleaning technology eliminates, or at least reduces, the usage of detergents, chemicals or water! We are always trying to improve our products! If you need a personalized solution, please contact us: we will use our experience with steam to solve your cleaning problem!

Commercial line

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Lightness and reduced dimensions define this product suitable for domestic and commercial use. It is perfect for any environment that requires practical tools easy to handle. For example: hotels, B&Bs, saunas, spa, turkish baths etc..

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Professional line

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Professional machines very practical and easy to use. The vacuum function and the wide range of accessories raise the possibilities of use in the different areas: schools and universities, day nurseries, hospitals, medical centres, test laboratories, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, canteens.

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Industrial line

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Industrial 3-phase machines capable to generate elevated pressure and temperature. Created for cleaning and disinfect any surfaces, industrial equipment, garages, public transports, ships, cruises and boats, planes, trains, food factories, pasta factories, butcher’s shops, cellars, wine and beer factories.

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