The company

We are an Italian manufacturer of cleaning machines with almost twenty years experience.

DOMAN was born in 1997 bringing hygiene and technology of steam power in the industrial and professional cleaning machine market.

All Doman products are made in Italy. For over 20 years we have been investing our resources to manufacture new products that assure cleanness, disinfection and wellness.

We are considered as one of the leading companies in the steam industry, both for the quality we offer and for our distribution volume in the world market.

Our purpose is to provide solutions suitable for any type of request. We try to understand and satisfy the customer needs with a wide range of personalized machines.

For this reason we occupy a unique place in the steam cleaning market. Every day we continue to work on researches to develop new solutions in collaboration with our national and international partners: only in this way we can aim to improve more and more!

HACCP system

(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

HACCP it’s a system of self balance recognized internationally that any operator of the food market has to apply in order to evaluate the risks and measures of hygene problems and sanitation problems. DOMAN “the cleaning system” overtakes all the health and safety requirements, improving the quality based on the HACCP certificate.
DOMAN machines have been tested to establish the action of the steam power against fungi and bacteria. The results are always excellent and that allows Doman offering to customers a full warantee of the quality of their products.