Cosmos 18/36 KW

Technical Features:

  • Maximum Pressure:: 10BAR / 145PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 180°C / 356°F
  • Max. Steam Output Dry: 51,6lt./hour – 860gr./min.
  • Max Steam Output Wet: 66lt./hour – 1100gr./min.
  • Water Tank Volume: 40lt. Stainless Steel Internal
  • Electric Heating Power: 18.000 Watt / 36.000 Watt
  • Boiler Volume: 18lt.
  • Heat up time: 18KW: 9 minutes - 36KW: 5 minutes
  • Voltage: 400V~ 50Hz
  • Boiler Material: Stainless AISI 304
  • Dimensions LxWxH: cm 104 x 70 x 110
  • Net Weight: 108kg
  • Dry steam regulation: Manual 0 – 860gr./min.
  • Detergent Tank Volume: 2x5lt. PET Canisters
  • Vacuum: Optional Function
  • Vacuum power: 1200 Watt
  • Vacuum Container Volume: 20lt.

With nearly 1 liter of dry saturated steam per minute available the COSMOS 18/36 KW is made to take on virtually any task requiring a mobile unit with the ability to deliver the steam you would expect from a stationary setup.

This COSMOS version is also capable of working with 18 KW and comes supplied with a special safety adapter that allows it to be connected to a 32Ampere power supply. This is unique and no other supplier manufacturers a steam generator with 36KW that can be connected to a 32A line if needed and to run with 18KW power in full compliance to international safety standards.

Adding moisture to the steam multiplies the mechanical action and will speed up any suitable application.
This machine uses 3 solenoids for 3 different steam output levels – LOW if run with an optional vacuum KIT (steam output same as our 9KW Supervap), MID if run with 18KW and HIGH if running at 36KW. The machine is ideal for general purpose steam or steam and vacuum cleaning as well as supplying steam for belt cleaning or other special applications!

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